Cannot wait to shelve those mind-freezing academic books and start to chill under the sun without thinking of anything but fun? Well, do not worry! Summer is nearly at our hand! It marks the warmest time of year as it begins the ‘batugan’ mode for most of the students. Yet for some, it is justa another set of boring days of their lives as they stay home doing the routine of sleeping, eating and watching the television the whole summer period. I am sure they want to go to nearby resorts and do their amazing butterfly strokes there, or to Tagaytay and try the coolest newly offered zip line and cable cars there or to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio, and roam around while feeling the freezing temperature there! But how would they go there if, upon shaking their piggy banks, there is no sound of tinkling coins nor upon opening their wallet, no three-people-blue-square nor sign of Roxas’? Too bad! But do not worry, I have some suggested activities on how you can earn money this summer…

1) Summer delicacies seller

Of course, since it is the hottest days of the year, cold products will really attract people. You can sell the Filipino’s all time favorite, the Halo-halo. It only requires minimum capital. Eight to twelve number of ‘sahog’ will do. You can modified your Halo-halo’s ice by adding sugar in it while it is still water and by adding food color as to be unique from any other Halo-halo. Also try other presentations—ice at the bottom will do.

Plus, I remember that Japan is known for its cold soup. Why not try to sell it? Anyway, the recipe of this is only an internet away. Cool summer soups are a refreshing addition to warm-weather menus. <I’ll actually try this one this summer since I love to cook>

2) Sports Equipment Rental Owner

Many people actually like to hang out with friends and have these so-called reunions. But due to lack of money, resorts and other places that will require expensive payment are not in their choice. If you have those bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, different rackets, sports balls, and any other sports equipment, you can start your moneymaking business by having a rental shop. Just make sure that you are in the right place and at the right time. And to make sure that they will return it, let them pay first thrice the actual rental amount of the equipment so they will be force to return it on time. After they have returned the equipment, return the excess payment and give them a ‘thank you, rent again’ small card to catch their attention and be encourage to rent again.

3) House/Pet Sitter

Since a lot of people like to travel during summer, they will need someone to look after their houses and/or their pets when they are on their vacation. By simply receiving mails, bills or newspapers and by feeding and taking a bath their pet, you will have an assurance that it will make money. Plus the fact that you will have a place to live during summer. <hahaha>

4) Computer Wizard

If you are technologically savoir-faire, why not use your talent this summer? Refix troubleshooting computers! Also, instead of playing DotA and any other computer games that will just sacrifice your eyesight, edit videos or remix songs. Do also photo editing! Accept CD/DVD burning services or even typing jobs.

5) Instructor

Talent blessed-being? Well, it is your time to shine! Conduct workshops that you know you have the capability to do so. If you are a swimmer, then applause for you. Swimming is actually one of the click lessons that most people enroll in. Or, if not a simmer, exercise your ability in music. Be the instructor in guitars, piano or even in vocals. If you do not have the talent to do so, teach aerobics or martial arts. Also, bike riding, driving or horse-back riding are of your choices. By this, you would not only reminiscence your skills since it is vacation, but also, share your talents to others. And by the way, if you are academic-blessed child, you may conduct tutorials in the later part of the summer as to refresh your students’s mind regarding their subjects, that, I am sure, have already forgotten by them.

6) Garage-geek seller

Well, since it is summer, it is time for us to unwine those closets and arrange our rooms. As you do this, collect those shirts, blouses, pants and shorts that will not be fitted for you anymore but still can be used by others. You can actually have your own garage sale! Just be sure to modify those clothes by adding some accessories that will sharpen its beauty towards the eyes of the soon-customers. With this, you gain two benefits—one, your room has been clean and second, this is just another moneymaking business.

Can not wait for summer to come? Do not worry, summer is really on its way! Start your own business this summer. While others are still looking for a summer job, your own small business will already be upbeat and running – and making money for sure…