This is my last journal. This is a journal of realization.

I hate endings. But, undoubtedly, at some point in time, we have to wave goodbye for something in order to get through with it and face other things in this life. In this case, I have to say goodbye PAL and hello service plan!

I am a girl when I went out of school.

As the curriculum needed to be fulfilled in order to finish my degree, I was force to expand my horizon and get out from my comfort zone. I left Lipa and stayed at Makati leaving my family and the things that I used to do in Lipa. It was undeniably harder as I think it would it be.

During my first days at PAL, you know how much I hated my job, my bosses, and my environment. It really came to the point when I wanted to go home and hug my parents because of the feeling being a failure at work. In fact, I even find myself reading the magazines there all day because there were no commands that my bosses asked me to do.

But with conviction, dedication, patience, and commitment to get the diploma, I hang on and pray.

As the days pass by, I started to become busy and feel appreciated by my bosses. Up to know, I cannot really imagine that I had handled the complicated Oracle Database (that is really for Computer-savvy courses), the super confidential Customer Relationship Information System (CRIS), and even the CRIS backend where I was authorize to delete loyal members of the Mabuhay Miles — the loyalty program of PAL.

Not only that! I would never forgot that someone name Ana Karmela Sarmiento Amante would dance ‘Waka-Waka’ and sing ‘Right Here Waiting for You’ and even take alcoholic drinks! (when I remembered these things, I can’t help myself but smile and laugh 🙂 )

But the thing that I would never forget was when my bosses gave me a surprise farewell party and said that they are really proud having me as an OJT — I was the first OJT who was asked to be with the meeting of PLM, handle both the Oracle and Backend, and do reports that was actually my bosses job already.


Because of this, I can say that I learned a lot in this OJT. I grew socially, emotionally and had absorbed work skills.

Because of PAL, I became now a better person, a lady to be exact.

To Sir Mike, Ms. Karen, Ms. Neth, Ms. Therese and to my supervisor, Sir Ronald, thank you very much. I’ll miss you. 😦

Thank you Philippine Airlines! 🙂