Well, I am just waiting for the graduation day. As in, I had already fulfilled the requirements for the Degree, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management (BSBA-MM). Fulfilling the boring days at home since it still almost a month away before marching, I thought of the things I want for my grad — which I guess would remain only a wish. 😦
Here are the 6 things I want as a reward for finishing my degree.
1. Spongebob and Patrick shoes which I do not know where it is availabale, or if this really exists. A friend of mine just show this to me and iloveit.

I want this!


2. House and Lot in the Venezuela Heights in Tagaytay.

3. Car. Brand New Car! Not just an ordindary Car but a TOP DOWN JAGUAR> 😀

4. Uhm, go back to number 1.

5. Go back to number 2.

6. Go back to number 3.

Haha. 😀