The different  version of Barney’s Song: The original one, the version of the persons who are blaming Barney, and the version of the singles who are not available and singles who are taken for granted. 😦
The original version: the “ILOVEyou song” :
i love you
you love me
were a happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me 2 you
wont you say you love me 2
i love you
The blamer version: the “iHATEyou song’
I hate him,
He hates me,
Let’s hang Barney in a tree.
With a kick,
and a punch,
and a bullet to his head,
Now that purple freak is DEAD!
The broken-hearted version: the ‘ANApot’s song’
I love you,
You hate me,
You’re inlove but not with me.
Now my heart
is scattered
all because of you,
When will I be happy too?