Composed by: Kesniel Pastor

I can be your biggest mistake, to me you should have never lied
Good thing I dont know how to cry
But the pain never stopped, youve never heard a single word from me
Words are left unspoken

Until I asked god please give me wings to fly
And never will I give it another try try

Im like a bird flying away never will be back to you
Oh I want to cry but my tears dont want to fall fro my eyes

You caused me too much pain, never thought its just a game for you
Promises are broken
I cant just go on like before, pretending everythings okay
Its the end of you and me

(repeat refrain and chorus)

Words are left unspoken, now Im gone
And my tears dont want to fall From my eyes
I wanna cry
I wanna fly away
from you

(repeat chorus2x)