Accidents are really inevitable. When walking down the street, you might be hit by a motorcycle, when just perking a cup of Latte in your favorite coffee shop, you might found yourself being involve in a fight which you wish should not exist, or when just sitting in a bus on your way home, the bus might be turn into a holy piece of a turnover grilled meat which actually become tomorrow’s news headline. —– and eventually you would woke up lying in a building that smells like an alcohol was sprayed all around.

I was on my way to Lipa yesterday. I left Manila at around 9:30pm since the post Christmas/New Year’s party of me and the whole marketing (where I am currently employed now) ended that late. Since its that late already, I rode on the very first bus that passed by. It was a/an ***** bus with 3 seater on the left and 2 seater on the right passenger capacity. People (although there were only two of them together) sat on the 3 seater capacity (because of the space I guess). I sat barely in the middle of one of the vacant two seaters of the said bus. The bus was really shaky. But I didn’t mind such. I was used to it since all of the provincial buses with Batangas Pier sign board that I rode were also shaky. So I turned my radio on and listen to Papa Jack. I put my two bags on the seat beside me (near the window) since the passengers could be really counted with my hands and feet. Then I sleep…

I woke up on the conductor’s signal that the bus had arrived in Turbina where most of the passengers take off the bus. I stretch my hands and turn off my radio which had been playing the robotic sound already (no transmission I guess).

I don’t know how many are we who had been left from the bus. If I am not mistaken it was around 15-16 passengers only excluding the conductor and the driver.

I stay awake already all through out our way to Lipa fearing that I might woke up next in Batangas Pier Terminal. The bus was still shaky (too shaky to be exact) as we headed our way to the star tollway. I just thought that it was that shaky since few of the road was not that smooth from Turbina up to the entry point of the tollway. So I didn’t mind it again and assumed that if we already make our way in the star toll, the bus would stop shaking.

As we entered the star toll with a very smooth and good road, I started to wonder why is the bus still shaky. And worse, it was shaking like a RORO is sailing in an ocean where there is a storm signal. I rotate my eyes all through out the bus and saw that everyone is relax. Some are still actually asleep. Maybe, it was just 4-5 of us who are really concern about this shakeness of the bus.

Then, one of the passengers infront of me asked the conductor ‘manong, bakit ga ho maganun tong bus’,as he compass his hand like he was dancing pearly shell. The conductor actually snobbed him. Then the one sitting behind him asked again the conductor, ‘kuya, bakit lumilindol ata?’ And the conductor still remained silent (though I know he heard the questions raised by these passengers. My fears arised as this scenario happened).

I prayed quietly and simultaneously, I believe in God, Our Father, Hail Mary and even Glory Be. Then a looooooooooooong silence encompassed the bus as if the 15-16 of us already accepted that something was really wrong and ‘it’ might happened anytime.

I pray harder…

..and poof! I saw the sign, to ‘Batangas 1 , to Lipa City ->’ . I smiled. But, there’s also a part of me which thinks that any second, there is a possibility that the bus might really follow one side of the shakeness and the bus might be found lying the next day.

I close my eyes…and I thank (via heart) all the people who became part of my life. I know I was becoming dramatic. But, I was just becoming real for this very time…


then there was a light.




..’oh yung mga Lipa diyan ho, Tambo exit na po’.

…………………………………and yes. I was about to take off the bus. Everyone actually take off the bus as instructed by the driver even those who should take off the bus on the Batangas Pier and not in Lipa.

As I step on the road of Lipa, I was relief *though sweating coldly) and wanted to hug the very first person I will see (to make sure this was real). As I walk into the terminal of the jeep for just another ride on my way home, I heard a sound of explosion of a tire. I look where the sound came from. And yes, it was the bus where I took off just a few seconds ago. It was a left front tire that exploded (remember, 3 seater capacity was on the left side of the bus and most of the passenger are seating on that side. And according to the conductor if the tire exploded when we were on our journey, we might be in news today.)

I was shocked until today.

Lord God saved our lives. Angaling lang ni Lord. Salamat talaga Bro.

Thank you Lord God. Iloveyousooooomuch. Mag-ingat tayong lahat. have a safe trip always!