I met this in one of the most boring days in my life. I just can’t remember exactly where, when and how did I cross with an article/essay that goes like this. <PS: It is not how exactly it was written. As if I’ll remember it pa. But anyway, the thought of the essay is similar sa pinag-tatype ko diyan sa baba >

Before, when someone says, s/he likes you, s/he mean it. But now, ‘like’ is just an ordinary online word.

Before,  writing on a wall is a crime — vandalism to be exact. But now, writing on a wall means expressing one’s feeling.

Before,  one take picture,make it develop, and then compile it on an album. But now, one take picture, upload it and create the electronic album.

Before, adding a friend means another person being added as part of your life. But now,  adding a friend means he/she would only be part of one of your worldsssssss — the online world.

Before, if you remember someone’s birthday and greeted him/her, he/she would be touched. But now, if someone remembers your and greeted you happy birthday, its all because he/she saw it on his feeds.

Before, the word feed means something that an animal eats. But now, feeds mean collection of updates from your online friends.

Before,  you just become a fan of your fave celebrity. But now, you can even become a fan of the phrases, (e.g. Hindi porke’t mahal mo siya eh mamahalin ka rin niya fan page)

Before, when you poke other person, you might get a bruise, a scratch or a reddish skin depending on what part of the body the one you poked harm you back. But now, poking another person, oftentimes, he/she asked for you to poke him/her back.

..and all of these is because of the so-called facebook.

Truly, there’s nothing constant in this world but change. And the evolution of words continue as we get into different generation. This society continuously change. Who knows, one day, even the meaning of death would mean un-friending one of your friends on a social network but the silver hair generation might think that you killed someone. And the meaning of love is the button that you hit when you confirm a friend request.

Well, I wanna go back to the time when ‘apple’ and ‘blackberry’ means fruit and nothing else —- the time when the things really mean what they supposedly mean.

Because i LIKE you. Not your status  nor comment but yung ikaw mismo. Buong-buo. (echos lang. haha. 😀 )