Every time I feel that the whole world turned its back to me, I watched this video and I feel blessed immediately (and amazingly). I haven’t met him, but God, he changed my life! T_T If there would be a person I really wanna meet personally, it would be him. Watch the video below and be inspired.

Part  1:

Despite all of lacking arms and legs, you’ll admire Nick Vujicic for his optimism in life. He is living a wonderful life because he chose to live in that way.

Part 2:

“If I fail and I give up, do you think I going to get up? NO.”

“For as long as I try, there’s that chance of me getting up.”

“It’s not the end until you have given up.”

Part 3:

“If you cannot get a miracle then be a miracle to other people”

“Life is worth living when you find your purpose.”

Part 4:

“I love you. Its unconditional love”

Part 5:

I wanna hug him soooooo.oooooo tight. T_T I can feel his amazing and true heart.

This man is now happily married to a very beautiful woman named Kanae. He said, ” I might not have a hand to hold my wife’s hand, but I have a heart to hold her’s”. He is my inspiration, Nick Vujicic.

And Oh, by the way. He does not only inspire other people through talking. He is a singer as well. And yes, I cried when I saw this MTV. “Something More” by Nick Vujicic: