Royal familyI always think what my life would be if I was born as a princess. Maybe, I’ll act as finest as possible. Of course, I won’t be problematic financially. Everyone would also respect me as I came from the royal blood. I’ll live in a castle with thousands of servants and with a façade that, I know, would trigger me to be lost finding my way back to my room or going from the kitchen to the entertainment room. Nevertheless, I would learn how to ride that not-so-friendly white horse and let me go around the city riding that horse with maybe ten armed men act as my bodyguard. Thus, I might be enrolled to ballet classes slash instrument classes as they are part of the character to form a complete and fully-grown princess.

Taylor SwiftAside of imagining myself as a princess, I wonder what my life would be if I became a super star who knocks off every boys’ feet and admires by girls. Maybe, I can’t shop at malls anytime I wanted since I might be hurt as people cornered me just to have my autograph slash take picture with me. Also, I can’t go out with all of my boys’ friends unless I wanna be on the headlines of the news tomorrow. Maybe, I’ll be very excited as I would see how the crowd gets wild as I appear on stage. I’ll do acting slash singing slash dancing workshops which would eat a lot of my time perhaps. I might see my face almost everywhere — from billboards and commercials down to magazines and flyers. I may have a face free from pimples and black heads. Of course, I could have box-office movies with the highest income. And oh, I might have millions of twitter followers!

But, in this world, it would come to the point when you should stop imagining because some things are just really part of our imagination.


22 years of my life (and counting), I live as a normal person. I was raised by a businessman father and a catechist mother. I have four siblings — two engineer Kuya’s, one soon-to-be CFA brother and a high school student sister. And me? —- an eligible Marketing professional (soon-to-be a PHD holder) and  a lawyer (in the making) who is currently employed.

I wake up every morning and do my daily routines. I live my life with the way I wanted it to be. Hence, like most of the people do, I commute — no white horse or personalized car so I arrived to my destination depending on the traffic and the driving scheme of the chauffeur of the public transport (plus free powders via dust found in the air). I go out anytime and anywhere I wanted to. I hang out with friends without any fear of being the talk of the town the next day. I don’t take workshops and classes just to improve myself. It doesn’t matter as well if I have lefties feet and an unpleasant singing voice. My friends knew it and they are still with me.

I also work hard to earn every single penny that I have. I live normal. I should respect each and everyone to gain their respect back.

What it feels like to be a normal person? It’s actually a relative feeling. It means different things to different people. For some, they love to live simply while for some, it might be hard as they are thirsty of recognition and fame. But, for me, what matters is that, people accept me for being me. I don’t need to be a ballerina or a box-office-queen nor do horse-back riding or have concerts to have people who, I know, values me! 🙂 I just need to be me — following the holy will of God and serving Him 24/7… and this is more than enough I guess.

Though life may seem hard to live by as a normal (and infamous) person, still we have a wonderful life to live. We are all equal. We have been given one life. So we have to live it without regrets. And for sure, you’ll be satisfied no matter what’s the status of your life.

PS: And imagine how happy you can be when you reach thousands of followers on twitter and yet you are a normal person living your life humbly and simply. Not a fame-whore, not a princess, not a star…only a child of God. 🙂