I’ve been listening to a lot of eulogies lately which push me to the limit of thinking, “Kung ako kaya ang namatay, (knock on wood) anu-ano kayang bagay ang maririnig ko sa mga taong mahal ko?”

I actually thought of writing a eulogy I wished to hear from the people but I don’t wanna assume. Masakit ‘yon teh! Lalo na kung aasa ka lang na ganoon ka, pero hindi naman pala ‘yon ang tingin sa’yo. hehe

So, instead of writing an ideal eulogy which might hurt me (if I won’t be hearing those things) I decided to write about my Last Will and Testament but, of course, not the usual content of parting my properties since I don’t even have a big parcel of land nor even (yet) owned a Top-down Jaguar (as of the moment). Instead, a Last Will and Testament of the beauty of the life I had managed to live and the amazing people I met.

Here it goes.

I, Ana Karmela S. Amante, FIlipino citizen, of legal age, single (and soon to be married to XXXXX who’s still in the future), born on the 14th day of August, 1990, a resident of ### xxxxxx Street, Brgy. *****, Lipa City, Batangas, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under undue influence or intimidation from anyone, do hereby declare and proclaim this instrument to be my Last Will and Testament, in English, my second native tongue. And I hereby declare that:

I. I wish that by the event that I should die, I would like to be buried according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church and interred at our family mausoleum located at Eternal Garden, Bugtong, Lipa City. I want that all the attendees of my burial as well as my wake would wear black and white.

II.  To my beloved father Antonio D. Amante I give and bestow the ownership of my bank accounts in xxx and xxx bank

III. To my mother, Estrella Z. Sarmiento-Amante, all valuable properties, jewelries, and all receivables in my ownership including my cellphone and my laptop.

IV. I hereby designate my best friend, Janus Errol C. Areta the executor and administrator of this Last Will and Testament, and in his incapacity, I name and designate one of my closest friends, Nadine Ruth F. Awitan as his substitute.

V. I hereby direct that the executor and administrator of this Last Will and Testament or his substitute need not present any bond.

WHEREAS, 22 years living in this inevitable world is, I guess, not enough. I have really a lot of plans for my life that I wanted to fulfill — dreams that is yet to come true.

Materially, I still wanna have my black-and-white fully furnished house in the summer-salting isle of Tagaytay Highlands and my top-down silver crest jaguar! I would soon be a lawyer at a Masters of Business Administration.

Bu, life is inevitable. So as long as I still have the opportunity to write something like this, here it goes.

So for now, I wanna thank all people who come (and go slash stay) in my complicated life.

First and foremost to my beloved parents, Inay Ester and Tatay Toni for giving me an opportunity to experience their so-called life. Thank you for the utmost love, care, and affection that you had given me. Thank you for doing all your best to send me to three (3) private schools (Early Start, Canossa and Lasalle) until the day I graduated — this was the key of becoming who I am today. Thank you for the sacrifices. Thank you for understanding me even at my worst. Above all, thank you for introducing me to God. Both of you made me look into God no matter what trials I faced. Thank you for all. I love you both! 🙂

For my siblings, Kuya Ton, Petix, Carlo and Bhe, thank you for all the happy memories we had created. I would always treasure that. Though we don’t have a smooth relationship full of positive vibes, I wanna say that the four (4) of you complete a part of me.
Thank you Kuya Eman for my big pillow spongebob which turned out to be my most favorite among my spongebob collections. Thank you for being a clown in our family. This gives me good vibes and boost the optimistic part of me. Thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar. This was the first talent that I have.

Kuya Jomz slash Petix, thank you for all. Thank you for the advices especially about life and love.lol Thank you for being not only a brother but also a friend I can count on.

Thank you Carlo for believing in my grammar and spelling advices. Thank you for being the most ‘malambing’ briother that I have. Thank you for the good times at most.

For Bhe, thank you for being the spoiled-brat I mean a good sister to me. Thank you for accompanying me. Thank you for our gala moments in malls and in parks. Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano. Thank you for giving me your ear when I just need to share something. Nevertheless, thank you for not pushing me out of bed even when I do 360 degrees round when sleeping.

For my previous office mates who turned out to be my girlfriends, Aiz, Merz, and Bheng, thank you. Thank you for being more of a friend than an officemate to me. Thank you for those Friday nights which make me forget the problems I have even for a while. Thank you for giving me advices. Thank you for being there for me as I experience another heartbreak. I consider the three of you my family when I’m in MLA.

To the other persons from my previous office especially my Thermos Philippines family Ma’am Gi, Sir King, Mark, Domz, Jen, Joanna, Sheh, thank you for imparting to me additional knowledge in the real marketing industry.

For Ma’am Gi, thank you for showing a motherly-side of a boss. Thank you for protecting our department to our fellow officemates who try to give us a fight.
Thank you Sir King for being the nicest boss in town. Thank you for always understanding my flaws as I expose myself to the Marketing Industry. Thank you for the advices both personally and professionally. And thank you for trusting me to become part of the Thermos team (though I won’t forget the 1-hr interview I need to pass to get my first job)

For Mark for being one of my buddies in work. Thank you for making the long bond paper turn into short bond since I don’t know how to use the paper-cutter. Thank you for listening in my anxieties and probs.

For Kuya Domz and Jen, for being such an agent of help.

Of course, thank you Aiz for being my best buddy in work through ups and downs. I appreciate them all.

For my wild friends, (na-post ko na lahat-lahat sa previous blog ko.) I love you all, you know that! 😀

For my BK Family, Sir Ryan, Ms. Elaine, Ms. Zai, Vhea, Rina, Ms. Edz, Vangie, Ma’am Angie, thank you. Thank you for making me feel welcome. It really matters to me as I start to open new chapters of my life.

For my M4C family, thank you sa lahat-lahat ng memories. Sa basketball pag intrams, sa docus ng mga subjects, sa laht ng tawa at ngiti sa simpleng klasrum set-up, sa sama-sama makapag-bonding lang kahit tumakas sa guards sa school, at sa lahat-lahat ng nangyari sa college life ko. Lahat tayo marketers, at lahat kayo mahal ko.

To Jona, I’m sorry for all. You live your life well. Be happy because you serve to be happy.

To Len, thank you for the person who, I guess, knows me the most. Thank you for understanding a complicated part of me. I love you, you know that!

For my ex-boyfriend, Denver, thank you for making me float to cloud nine after such a long time. Thank you for the love and care you had given me even for a short period of time. My mind might denied it but I know, deep within my heart, you had loved me. Thank you for the good times. Thank you too for letting me go which contributed to the stronger Ana who bounce back.

For my best friend, Vhez Janus, thank you for more than 7 yrs (and counting) of bestfriendship. Thank you for constantly being there for me. Thank you for being just a-text-away whenever I need someone’s shoulder. Thank you for making me feel that I’d never been alone in this life. Thank you for always understanding me no matter what. Thank you for all (alam mo na ‘yan). I’m lucky to have you as my bestfriend. I love you, you know that!

For my latest crush, thank you for giving me reasons to smile. Thank you for letting me know that an ideal man really exist. 🙂

To you, thank you for making me the strongest lady I’d ever been. Finally, the wait is over. I’ll see you. ❤

To all, I’ll miss you guys. I love you from bits to pieces.
Sometimes, its not really goodbye. It is ’till we meet again. Thank you for being part of my life.

‘Till we meet again.

IN WINTESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 6th of November, in Batangas, Philippines.


I, the undersigned attesting witnesses, do hereby affirm that the forgoing is the last Will and Testament of Ana Karmela S. Amante, and we certify that the testator signed this document in our presence, at the bottom of the last page, and on the left hand margin of each and every page, and we, in turn, at the testator’s behest have witnessed and signed the same in every page thereof, on the left margin, in the presence of the testator and of the notary public, this 6th of November, 2012 at Batangas, Philippines.

God, Heaven

All rights reserved 2012