12.12.12 — today is a special day not just because it is the last repetitive date you’ll see but because today is the birth date of someone dear to me. Her name is Len.

I supposedly to ship this to her office since she is based in MLA ang I am here in Batangas, but I did not make it to the cut off time of the courier so that the item would not be delivered today. :(( I then decided not to ship it anymore because I really wanted her to see it today. So here, making an alternative way so that she can see this gift today.

It was actually a CD with this as a cover:

Happy birthday Bangag! :)

Happy birthday Bangag! 🙂

It was a short video (na dugo’t pawis ko before ko nagawa) with a compilation of our pics together (some were cropped) as we strengthen our friendship. Here it goes:

Happy happy birthday Bangag! *Cheers*