In less than 1 hour, we would bid goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013.  As #BestMemoryOf2012 trended in twitter and I cannot compress all my memories in just 140 characters (unless I would have bunch of tweets to flood my timeline which my followers would hate for sure), I decided to blog some of the highlights of my year.

January 2012

Experiencing a not-so-good 2011 professionally due to the toxic and stress my job in MNL gives me,  I started my 2012 by filing my resignation.

PS: Well, another reason for my resignation was that because I needed a new environment to start mending my broken heart since me and my ex bf’s hang out place is in MNL. We broke up last Dec 2011 . So I decided to go back to my hometown.

February 2012

I officially left my first employer. I became a bummer at home doing things that I really missed doing when I was still employed — movies, late nights chit-chatting, waking up late, eating home cook food, attending birthday parties, reunions, etc. It’s the month when I fell in love with volleyball and began to appreciate the sport.

March 2012

I got a job in the province which I find convenient since nothing beats going home after work. (And until now, I’m happy about my current employer). My officemates were so kind that I had easily cope with my new environment.

April 2012

Of course, we had our family outing. But, for the very first time, we put team building activities which, I guess, the whole family enjoyed.

Hence, I began to socialize on my new officemates by joining summer camps and retreats. And I enjoyed it.

May 2012

There are a lot of town fiestas in Batangas. So, even though I did not know where the fiesta was nor who among my officemates live there (or if that officemate knew me already), I went there to celebrate with them as my officemates always invite me to such.

I also took the Civil Service Exam and, yes, I passed it.

June-July 2012

Ordinary months.

August 2012

It was me and my father’s birthday. We celebrated our day at EK. It was the first time of my mom and dad there. We went there together with my bestfriend and my younger sis’ bff.

PS: I got the ticket of my family via online. It was my first online purchase.

September 2012

It was my officemate birthday and my first time to went to a bar in Lipa. And I was shocked when my parents allowed me to. They even waited for me to come home. 🙂

October 2012

It was a month long over-loaded schedule for work.

November 2012

December 2012

I attended Christmas parties left and right. Party for the whole office, party for the religious grp of the co, party for the family, party with other friends, party with barkadas.

I also went to Divi hoping to complete the lift of my Christmas gifts.


This year, I also met persons who made me feel that I am beautiful in my own way and God was right that I was dumped by a man last year.


The year 2013? I’ll claim it as my year. 🙂 Apat na taon na lang, abogado na ko. Buo ang loob, walang takot.


Salamat sa lahat ng naging bahagi ng 2012 ko. Samahan niyo ulit ako next year ah. Cheers to a prosperous year! Cheers to 2013! 🙂

Happy new year!

PS: Huwag bilog-bilog ang isuot. Checkered! Para papel-papel ang darating at di barya barya lang. lol.