You'll forever be missed by your spoiled brat

You’ll forever be missed by your spoiled brat

I am sure that most of the people who know him would say that he is, indeed, a good man. He’s the kindest person I know.

I met him in one of the catholic schools in Lipa City, Batangas, Canossa Academy, where we attend our high school. We were both there for 10 long years (Grade I – Year IV). But, could you believe it, he had never been my classmate (not even once). It was only through my cousin, Tintin, my friend, Annabel (who’s really close to him), my Mamih Naila, and my bestfriend (the pres of their org / club) and his sincere heart, that made us friends…closed friends I can say.

After graduation, maybe I saw him once or twice in an unplanned manner. Tamang kasalubong ko lang. He stayed in Manila and studied at University of Sto. Tomas taking up FoodTech and I studied in De La Salle Lipa taking up Accountancy (but shifted to Mrktg during my second yr). College days aren’t that easy. Indeed, it was busier than I thought it would be. We were both busy. But, despite that, he never failed to keep in touch. It was him who always text me first. In fact, I can still remember how worried he was when I failed to replied on his messages for 3 (long) days. He was really paranoid  that time. Only then he knew that  when the recent storm hit Lipa City, our brgy. is one of the which had been really affected. Therefore, we have no supply of electricity since the transformer in front of our house was hit by the thunderstorm (and if I remember it right,  he was able to charge his cellphone’s bat at MLWD and forgot that there’s no MLWD’s employee who can let me charge my phone’s battery too.LOL.)

Mid of our college years, his paper were approved (petition) and he then decided to live at Washington, US of A. It was a sad news for me because I am pretty much sure that I’ll miss him. It’s more than him leaving the country…that means a friend of mine would be overseas…no one would make my phone beeps often anymore. Sympre, mahal ang roaming tapos magkaiba na rin ang timezone. More so, I am losing one of the few someone to whom I share how bad trip am I to the person seating next to me at the jeepney or to tell how disgusting a certain person was. 😦

But before that, we had the chance to attend Annabel’s debut wherein I am one of the 18 butterflies and my Mamih Naila too. Dadih Ino was the last dance of Annabel completing the debutant’s 18 roses . There, our family was formed. Naila said Nino was his bf. Therefore, he cannot be my bf anymore. Then, I called them Mom and Dad. They instantly became my parents. Other attendees of the said debut, Mich, Couz Kristel, and Art became part of our family as well. Mich and Kristel became my Titas and Art became my Tito. We were one big happy family then…

(l-r) Tita Mich, Tita Kristel, Me, Tito Art and Mamih Naila (peace sign). Dadih Ino took this photo.


(l-r) Me, Mamih, and Dadih Ino

Last year, 2012, he had the chance to come back and visit the Philippines.  I was so excited when someone texted me, ‘I’m back’ and knew it was really him. He was so happy then. He set unlimited meetings, dinners, reunions, hang outs to many of his friends who missed his company and him as a whole. Due to some circumstances, we failed to see each other. I tried … really. But it seems, the whole time around, our schedule did not match. Not even once. 😦 He came back to Washington without letting me know. I only found out he flew back there several days after. I was so sad. I really wanna see my Dadih. But, there’s no chance to. So, when he talked to me via chat, I ignored him … continuously.  Tampo po kasi ako. Until such time when one of his closest friends chatted me and asked him if I’m mad at him. Well, I’m not really mad. Tampo nga lang po. His friend asked me to chat him na kasi masyado na daw siyang napaparanoid so I did…





Nevertheless, he was always there for me through ups and downs. And he never forget any special occasion. He greeted me on my birthday…


and greeted me during Christmas as well. He even sent me a Christmas postcard. He never failed to keep in touch despite the distance.  And that made us closer and closer, I guess.


Indeed, he was one of a kind. *sigh* He always made me feel valued, wanted, and loved. And that created the impact on how he had touched my life.

Kakaunti man ‘yong memory namin na magkasama …  but the way he acted as if he was my father, is more than enough I guess. When I my Mamih Naila texted me what happened, I called her to asked thoroughly. That moment broke my heart. It really did. T__T At wala akong pakialam sa ilang taong nakapaligid sa akin sa office. Umiyak ako. It was just too painful and I can’t control my sadness.

(sniff sniff.)

Well, ganoon nga ata talaga. Kung sino pa ‘yong mababait at mabubuting tao, sila pa ‘yong nauuna. Haist. I really miss you dad. And until now, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala sa nangyari. Life is, indeed, short.

Oh, paano Dadih Ino,  hanggang sa muli. I’s not really goodbye eh. It’s actually, ‘til we meet again. RIP Dadih Ino. I love you, you know that.


an angel’s love,

Anak (sgd.)

Nino Arman Segismundo (October 1, 1990 – June 19, 2013). Thank you for touching my life. You’ll be missed.