For almost five (5) years now, I always greet you with a simple happy birthday text or a FB wall post or a tweet perhaps or a personal (but post actually) greeting…but none of them actually matched the level the way you handle someone else’s birthday surprise.  Ikaw ‘yong lagi na lang na organizer eh sa birthday ni ganto, ni ganiyan, etc…and I’ve realized na, oo nga no, eh wala pa kaming (me and the rest of the wildies) kahit anong suprise sa’yo. So this year, kahit epic fail na naman na magkasama-sama at i-surprise ka, I still wanted to greet you differently…and I’m letting you and those who would cross this simple write up how amazing the birthday girl really is — Maya Austria.

My Ninay Maya (my confirmation Godmother) and our Inay (me and my wild friends)  is a one-of-a-kind girl. Her angelic face and soft voice won’t make you believe that she have these kicking tricks and feet dribbling skills which could make that soccer ball straight onto that goal. Well, maybe, yes, she might be afraid on a lot of things, but for me, she’s fearless — she cries if she needed to but not long thereafter, she will be brave enough to face those things which made her cry. It may hurt her over and over again but giving up is not on the list of her option…never…ever. She never gives up. She does things on her way and does not allow anybody to dictate her. She’s responsible enough to be liable on whatever the result of her action; she will be glad if it’s a right decision and will be sad if it’s not but eventually learned from it and moved on. She wanted to be fair all the time. She does not want anybody to be left out nor to felt outcast from the group. So even if she don’t want to, she have the initiative to reach out first. She cares for her friends as always. She’s more than a friend to me, a mother, an adviser, an organizer, a cheerer, a supporter all wrapped in one. That’s the way she is.  But the most important thing that I admire her is her selfless love. Uunahin ang iba, bago ang sarili come what may. I love her for just being her. Wildies love her for that. Her family loves her for that. And that makes her a special girl not only today but rather everyday.

Ninay Maya

Happy happy **th birthday, Ninay Maya! 🙂 Maraming salamat sa lahat-lahat. Pinili kita maging Ninang ko sa Kumpil hindi lang dahil sa dikta ng iba but rather I believe that you’ll be one of those persons who will guide me all through out this life. I might not be with you all the times or rarely we communicate, but I still want you to know that you will always be a big part of my heart and my life. Ayii. I am always here for you no matter what, don’t you ever forget that. And you will always be the greatest Godmother I ever have. 🙂 Cheers for today! Party soon. ❤ Hope you enjoyed your day. Iloveyou, you know that naman di ba?  *akap higpit* 😉

PS: Sinadya kitang hindi batiin nang buong araw not because I forgot your special day but because someone told me na mas special bumati kapag last 2 minutes na ng araw ng birthday mo. Pero, last hour ang peg ko kasi baka hindi mo naman mabasa ‘to klapag 11:57 pm ko pa pinost. Haha! Ayon. Bow. High five Ninay. See you soonest! ❤ lablab.