Once upon a time, you were the main character in the story of his life. On those days, he made you feel that you were his favourite scene-mate; that you were his only co-star; and that you were his dialogue buddy in every frame of his life.

But one day, everything changes.

Your role had changed. You never see it coming and it keeps hurting you since then…(until today).

He chose another co-star already. He chose another main character who will act with him, converse with him, and do scenes with him.  Too bad, it was not you. It was not you anymore..

..and never will it be you again.

You were totally gone on the upcoming shoots to complete the story of his life. From this day foreward, you will never be the main character again. Today, you will only be referred as once an extra character in that story…not even a supporting character.

He’ll finish the story of his life with another main character…that someone who had replaced you officially. But what can you do? Your former role was put into an official end.

He now lives happily ever after…but not with you.

He is happy and you should be happier for him. Whether you were only an extra character in the story of his life, he will remain as your life’s favourite co-star in the story of your life.

You should start again with another once upon a time.

And maybe…just maybe…it will end up on you and another person’s happily ever after.


But yes, this official changed of roles on one’s life sucks. This hurts so bad. This f*cking hurts!