Never fading..

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May forever sa rose na ‘to. Preserved. Unlike sa naubos na petals sa mismong movie, hinding hindi to mauubos.

Kagaya nang pagmamahal ko sa’yo, pang forever din. Hindi man tayo hanggang huli, you will always have that special place in my heart that no one could ever possibly replace..

You…yes YOU.

..because you give me hope, the strength and the will to keep on.🙂

I love this. And I bet every girl wants this. If not all, atleast, those who are enchanted by disney princesses or those who grew up singing a whole new world or refelction.

I repeatedly watch beauty and the beast, in cartoon of course, when I was young. It was one of my favorites. The story is something. It is the very first thing that taught me that loving someone comes in different forms…that even the most impossible person to be loved, can be loved.

Watching it in movie, it brought me back to my childhood. It is a musical movie. The animation are splendid. I love it. Like the old times, it gives me the chills of a love that is beyond measure…a love of a father and a love that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

this rose will forever be for you.😎

PS: photo not mine. CTO.


A once upon a time without a happily ever after

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Once upon a time, you were the main character in the story of his life. On those days, he made you feel that you were his favourite scene-mate; that you were his only co-star; and that you were his dialogue buddy in every frame of his life.

But one day, everything changes.

Your role had changed. You never see it coming and it keeps hurting you since then…(until today).

He chose another co-star already. He chose another main character who will act with him, converse with him, and do scenes with him.  Too bad, it was not you. It was not you anymore..

..and never will it be you again.

You were totally gone on the upcoming shoots to complete the story of his life. From this day foreward, you will never be the main character again. Today, you will only be referred as once an extra character in that story…not even a supporting character.

He’ll finish the story of his life with another main character…that someone who had replaced you officially. But what can you do? Your former role was put into an official end.

He now lives happily ever after…but not with you.

He is happy and you should be happier for him. Whether you were only an extra character in the story of his life, he will remain as your life’s favourite co-star in the story of your life.

You should start again with another once upon a time.

And maybe…just maybe…it will end up on you and another person’s happily ever after.


But yes, this official changed of roles on one’s life sucks. This hurts so bad. This f*cking hurts!

A special message for the special birthday girl, my Ninay and our Inay

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For almost five (5) years now, I always greet you with a simple happy birthday text or a FB wall post or a tweet perhaps or a personal (but post actually) greeting…but none of them actually matched the level the way you handle someone else’s birthday surprise.  Ikaw ‘yong lagi na lang na organizer eh sa birthday ni ganto, ni ganiyan, etc…and I’ve realized na, oo nga no, eh wala pa kaming (me and the rest of the wildies) kahit anong suprise sa’yo. So this year, kahit epic fail na naman na magkasama-sama at i-surprise ka, I still wanted to greet you differently…and I’m letting you and those who would cross this simple write up how amazing the birthday girl really is — Maya Austria.

My Ninay Maya (my confirmation Godmother) and our Inay (me and my wild friends)  is a one-of-a-kind girl. Her angelic face and soft voice won’t make you believe that she have these kicking tricks and feet dribbling skills which could make that soccer ball straight onto that goal. Well, maybe, yes, she might be afraid on a lot of things, but for me, she’s fearless — she cries if she needed to but not long thereafter, she will be brave enough to face those things which made her cry. It may hurt her over and over again but giving up is not on the list of her option…never…ever. She never gives up. She does things on her way and does not allow anybody to dictate her. She’s responsible enough to be liable on whatever the result of her action; she will be glad if it’s a right decision and will be sad if it’s not but eventually learned from it and moved on. She wanted to be fair all the time. She does not want anybody to be left out nor to felt outcast from the group. So even if she don’t want to, she have the initiative to reach out first. She cares for her friends as always. She’s more than a friend to me, a mother, an adviser, an organizer, a cheerer, a supporter all wrapped in one. That’s the way she is.  But the most important thing that I admire her is her selfless love. Uunahin ang iba, bago ang sarili come what may. I love her for just being her. Wildies love her for that. Her family loves her for that. And that makes her a special girl not only today but rather everyday.

Ninay Maya

Happy happy **th birthday, Ninay Maya! 🙂 Maraming salamat sa lahat-lahat. Pinili kita maging Ninang ko sa Kumpil hindi lang dahil sa dikta ng iba but rather I believe that you’ll be one of those persons who will guide me all through out this life. I might not be with you all the times or rarely we communicate, but I still want you to know that you will always be a big part of my heart and my life. Ayii. I am always here for you no matter what, don’t you ever forget that. And you will always be the greatest Godmother I ever have. 🙂 Cheers for today! Party soon. ❤ Hope you enjoyed your day. Iloveyou, you know that naman di ba?  *akap higpit* 😉

PS: Sinadya kitang hindi batiin nang buong araw not because I forgot your special day but because someone told me na mas special bumati kapag last 2 minutes na ng araw ng birthday mo. Pero, last hour ang peg ko kasi baka hindi mo naman mabasa ‘to klapag 11:57 pm ko pa pinost. Haha! Ayon. Bow. High five Ninay. See you soonest! ❤ lablab.


His babe and her boo are not meant to be (and some other things I’ve learned)

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Bakit ganoon? Akala ko kapag nagmahal ako ng wagas, wala ng magiging problema —- ‘yon nakaorder ka na ng unlimited understanding at bottomless patience para sa kaniya, pero hindi pa rin pala sapat; ‘yon bang lahat ng little things na nasasaktan ka kasi ganto / kasi ganiyan, pinalalampas mo na lang at iniintindi kung bakit niya ‘yon ginawa, pero kulang pa rin pala; ‘yon bang minahal mo siya sa paraang alam mo na best na kasi nawalan ka na dati at ayaw mo ng maulit ‘yon sa’yo, pero ‘yon pa pala ‘yong magti-trigger sa kaniya para hingin ‘yong kalayaan niya mula sa’yo; at ‘yon bang inadjust mo na ang standards mo sa lahat ng bagay base sa kung ano at sino siya kasi gusto mo siyang mahalin sa totoong siya pero hindi mali pa rin pala.

Akala ko, ordinaryong araw lang kahapon. Ang plano ko, I’ll stay at home to rest. But someone buzz me around and all of a sudden wanted to talk to me. Galit siya the day before yesterday kasi hindi ako nakapagtext after office hours kasi (1) hindi naman siya nagreply sa last message ko, and (2) emptybat ako at magnovena pa kaya late na napauwi. I slept without him replying on my message asking if he’s mad or what. That night, I know he was mad. Then yesterday, he was not just mad but rather too mad na…na parang ang laki na kaagad ng kasalanan ko. I just missed one (1) text message na hindi ko naman sinadyang hindi siya itext samantalang siya, kahit three or four days or one week na walang kahit anong text, kahit minsan wala siyang narinig na kahit ano sa akin. On that very moment, I felt na ako na naman ang dapat umunawa. Kasi fine, I’m on a postpaid line so I have no reason not to text him (despite na Smart siya at Globe sub ako ah) and he is on prepaid so kapag hindi siya nagtetext, wala siyang load. Pero nakalimutan niya yata na kahit postpaid line ako, nae-emptybat rin naman phone ko. So on that moment na gusto niyang makipag-usap, alam ko na kung saan papunta ‘to. We’ll meet daw by 3:00 pm sa Robinsons. I readied may self, 1:30 pm pa lang kasi hindi na rin ako mapakali. Nag-internalize ako and realized things.

Honestly, when our relationship became a roller coaster ride, alam ko anytime, may malalaglag na sa amin or kung hindi man malaglag, pagod na kakasakay sa roller coaster at gusto ng bumaba. I prepared myself for this naman pero iba pa rin pag parating at andiyan na. Masakit pa rin to the extent na parang hindi ka man lang naghanda or kung naghanda ka man ng armor made of steel and shield made of iron para hindi ka ganoon masaktan, feeling mo, naka short at sando ka lang noong araw na ‘yon kaya ramdam na ramdam mo ‘yong sakit.

I’ve reached Rob like 2:00 pm and I really don’t know where would I go or what will I do. Umikot na lang ako ng umikot na lipad ang isip. Siguro, anim (6) na beses ko yatang nalibot ang buong Rob. Lakad lang ako ng lakad pero hindi ko talaga alam saan ako pupunta.

Kung anu-ano sumasagi sa isip ko. Happy and, yes, sad memories as well. My brain was overloaded by what ifs, hows, sighs, and maybes. Syempre, panghihinayang, and  pains. Then, I’ve decided to text my lifetime mentor and my one of a kind friend, Bru. Hindi ‘yan pala-hawak ng phone niya at dekada rin magreply, pero ewan ko ba seconds ko pa lang natetext siya na kung ano ang possibleng mangyari by 3:00pm that day, ayon, tumatawag na.

“Bru, I think, I cannot let him go. It’s too painful”

“Sasakalin kita dyan Ana Karmela eh! Ilang taon ka na nga?”

“Huh? I’m 23.”

“Eh ilang taon na kayo?”

“Almost 11 months Bru.”

“Okay. Nakasurvive ka ng 22 years na wala siya, anong can’t let go sasabi mo diyan! 11 months vs the rest of your life, anong mas lamang? You can do that.  I got your back.”


“Kaya mo ‘yan. May hindi ba kaya si Ana Karmela.”

“I know. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“YOU SHOULD BE. and you will be”

“Thanks, Bru.”


Then 3:00 pm came………….





…at wala pa siya. May inaayos pa raw sa SM.

Okay, waiting moments…

Until he texted and sa SM na raw kami mag-usap kasi hindi pa siya tapos. Okay.  Time check, 3:30 pm. When I arrived at SM, pinagala niya muna ‘ko but I decided to stay somewhere since my feet hurts na kakalakad. Too bad, masyadong maraming tao sa SM kasi may job fair and holiday.

He attend to me like past 4:15 pm na. Sa isip-isip ko, makikipagbreak na nga lang, late pa. But yes, I understand na may ginawa pa siya. But can he do that after we talked or kailangan priority pa rin niya ang iba before ako? Oh well…

And because of the crowded mall, he suggested na sa Mcdo na lang kami mag-usap, malapit sa amin. Okay. Balik ulit malapit sa Rob. So ganoon nga ang nangyari.

When we finally, sat down, ang tahimik. Until he broke the silence with,’Nahihirapan ka na ba?’.

“Ako ba ang nahihirapan o ikaw?”


Him:”Hindi ako deserving sa’yo”

Me: “Why is that?”


Him: “Itigil na natin ‘to”

Me: “Why?”


*he makes a gesture of leaving*

Me: “Bigyan mo muna ‘ko ng reason kung bakit gusto mo itigil ‘to. Hindi ba na-chat mo na sa FB? I-rereiterate mo lang personally, bakit hindi mo masabi?”


Me: “Ano na?”


Him: “Ang hirap”

Me: “Wala naman kasing madaling paraan para makipag-break. Sabihin mo lang sa akin ngayon na ayaw mo na, sigi kahit wala ka ng ibigay na reason, okay na.”


Me: “Mr. G********, sumagot ka. Oo or hindi lang….ayaw mo na ba?”


Me: “*****, ano na??? Sige, kahit tumango o umiling ka na lang … ayaw mo na ba?”


Him: “Tara na.”

Me: “Ayaw mo na”

Him: “Oo, ayoko na.”

Me: “Okay. Iloveyou…so much.”

*I walked out*


11 months dapat kami sa May 5. And yes, he broke up with me yesterday. It was painful. It was too painful to be exact. I cried alot, drink alot too (nagsusuka pa rin ako habang tinatype to.LOL).


Kung may natutunan man ako over crying kay Mother Perps, drinking with Sir Ryan and Ma’am Angie, and internalizing, ito ‘yong mga yon:

1. Kailangan ‘yong guy yong nagdadala sa relationship n’yo. Kasi pag ikaw, nasasagasaan ang ego niya kahit wala ka naman talagang balak sagasaan ‘yon at ang intention mo lang naman ay to take over on the responsibility na hindi niya ginagawa para may magdadala sa relationship nyo. Kung hindi niya dadalhin at hindi mo rin dadalhin, pa’no magwowork, di ba?

2. Maturity is important. We are all growing old. We are too old for those cat fights lang. But if incase magalit siya over little things, give way and understand or else, magca-clash kayo at lalaki ang issue. Tingin ko rin, dapat mas mature ang guy over you para pa rin do’n sa pagdadala ng relationship.

3. You and his interests are very much important — na dapat kahit paano, you have similar interests. Kung hindi talaga similar, atleast you and him will be passionate and very much willing to try each others interest. Hindi ‘yong dahil hindi niya talaga gusto / baduy para sa kaniya, kahit once ay hindi man lang siya nag-try gawin para sa’yo.

4. Trust. Big word. Yes, but it is the most important supporter of your love for each other.

5. Effort effort din pag may time. Kailangan, never stop dating para hindi mawala ‘yong spark sa isa’t isa.

6. Kapag medyo nagtampo ‘yong isa, maglambing at manuyo. Admit if it’s your fault. Hindi ‘yong galit ka rin pag galit siya. Walang mangyayari ‘pag ganoon. Ibaba ang pride.

7. Care too much, you’ll hurt the person; care to little, you’ll lose the person.

8. Magmahal ka fully pero magtira para sa sarili. Kasi, hindi ka pa naman sure kung siya talaga. Tanggapin na hangga’t hindi pa kayo kasal, marami pang pagdadaanan.

9. If the person will be happier and better off without you, be brave enough to let go.

Ayon. Basta, ‘yan na ‘yan.

PS: My apologies to my readers/followers kasi sunod sunod na po post ko about sa kaniya. Pero promise po, last na ‘to. Gusto ko lang po ilabas lahat ng nararamdaman ko. Kaya pagbigyan niya. Salamat po.

PS ulit: Dear Boo, Hindi ko alam kung bakit iniisip mo na hindi ka deserving para sa akin because for me, you always deserve the best from me. All of me loves all of you, despite everything. Your imperfection makes you the most perfect man for me. And I want you to know that I didn’t regret any single day that I’d loved you. Thank you for making me happier for these 11 months. But yes, I’ll be fine. Hope, you too. And for just for one last time, let me say that I love you…so much, My Boo.


Enrolled ka ba sa ASSUME(p)tion College?

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ASSUME(p)tion College – lugar ng mga taong mahilig mag-assume. Currently, enrolled sila sa ASSUME(p)tion college. ‘Yong iba, nag-mamasteral na kaka-assume. ‘Yong iba naman, double major na yata. At ‘yong iba, plano pa yatang magdoctorate. (Aba’y graduate graduate din pag may time. Maaawa sa sarili)

Masakit mag-assume di ba? ‘Yong tipong akala mo totoo na lahat lahat nang pinapakita niya sa’yo tapos isang araw nagising ka na lang na lahat lahat pala drawing lang sa hangin. ‘Yong nag-assume ka. Tapos pag tinanong ka na nang, ‘bakit ano ba tayo’, para kang sinampal sa kaliwa’t kanang pisngi…ng umaapoy na kamay…ng tatlo hanggang apat na beses.

Sa madaling sabi, friendzone level. <///3

Minsan, ayoko ng makarinig ng ‘umasa ako kasi nangako siya.’ Kasi kahit hindi naman sa akin nangyari ‘yon, nasasaktan ako para ro’n sa taong nakaranas no’n. Sad. Pero baka kasi hindi naman siya nangako at inassume mo (na naman) na nangako siya. Sad ulit.

Oo, aaminin ko, alumni ako ng Assume(p)tion College. Pero, vocational course lang at hindi ko na pinagpatuloy. Haha! Natauhan na eh. Sayang kasi ang t-i-m-e na investment mo. Nahihirapan ka na nga, wala ka pang napapala kundi puro pasakit lang. Why make your life miserable when you can actually enroll to another college way way okay than that? So better yet, grumaduate ka na lang. Kung pwede nga lang, mas okay kung dropout ka na lang. Huwag ng humalintulad sa iba na nagmamasteral na nga yata eh…no, doctorate na siguro. Tapos double major pa. Dito sa school na ‘to, hindi nakaka-proud maging Suma Cum Laude at top one (1) ng batch n’yo. Martir lang teh? Tama na. Nakakahiya. Wakasan na.

Sabi nga, huwag mag-assume. Don’t expect, just hope. At least, pag hope, mangyari man or hindi, okay lang — thank you kung mangyari, okay lang kung hindi. ‘Pag expectation na kasi, parang nagseset ka na ng level sa sarili mo.

Sabi nga ni Mr. Webster, Asumme  – to think that something is true or probably true without knowing that it is true. Kitams, ang linaw linaw bakit kakaunti ang nakakainitindi na walang proof kapag nag-assume. Hangga’t hindi kasi nag-a-iLOVEYOU, huwag bigyan ng malisya kahit pa action speaks louder than words.


Okay? *fistbump*

Huwag ng dumagdag pa sa dumaraming population ng ASSUME(p)tion College. Marami pang colleges.hihi.

How I started my 2014


Generally, everyone wants to start this brand new year with the nothing-can-go-wrong mindset. Kasi syempre, naniniwala tayong mga Pinoy na kung ano mangyari sa atin sa unang araw ng bagong taon, buong taon natin ‘yong mararanasan. And yes, I was one of the many who believe on that of course.

January 1, 2014. Dapat, I’ll start my day via workout. Kaso,  feeling ko pag tumakbo ako or nagbadminton or nag-Zumba, matutumba lang ako dahil sa puyat sa pag-intay sa 2014. So I decided na sa hapon na lang magworkout and mag-mass na lang muna ‘ko to start my day and year right.

When I entered the kitchen, mom is awake na pala. So, I asked her to join me to hear the mass and she agreed. So I prepare and ready myself. Aba, noon bihis na ‘ko and everything, bigla na lang may bisita nga pala ang nanay ko so she cannot accompany me. Okay, fine.  Ang aga namang nagbihis-ka-hindi-ka-naman-pala-kasama sickness ang naranasan kong ‘to. At sa unang araw pa talaga ng taon. -__________– Sa halip na magmukmok, nag-isip ako ng someone na pwede kong mahila — wala pala.LOL May hang-over si boyfi tapos si bestfriend naman eh nakasimba na siguro kasi maaga lagi yon nasimba eh.

Then tinanggap ko na sa sarili kong mag-isa akong magsisimba. Tss.

When I went out, the road seems to be so peaceful. Parang 6:00am pa lang pero 7:50am na. Ang tagal ko bago nakasakay ng jeep puntang simbahan. Parang tulog pa ang driver ng mga jeep (or baka may hangover nga.LOL)

Akala ko, I’ll attend the first mass of this year nang nakatayo the whole mass but I was shocked kasi  pwede pa ‘kong humiga sa mga upuan. Parang puro olds nga lang nagsisimba. Sa pang-anim ata or pito akong row umupo kasi solo ko ‘yong buong upuan.

Before the reading of the gospel, may tumabi sa akin — lalaki, mga 18-20 yrs old sa tingin ko, mas matangkad sa akin siguro ng mga 3-4 inches, brusko ang katawan, at naka-red (naka-red din ako btw).

Mga two persons siguro layo ng upo nya from me pero literally, ako pa rin katabi niya (dulo kasi ako nakaupom sya, hindi sya dumulo kundi gumitna).

Noong nag-homily na, may tatlong bagay na binahagi si father sa ‘min.

1. Learn from your mistakes from 2013 and moved on.

2. Memory is the language of our heart

3. There are things in life that we do not and can not understand because it is not meant to be understood but only accepted.

Sa second thing na sinabi ni father, biglang umiyak ‘yong katabi ko. Wala sa itsura nya na iiyak sya sa harap ng marami. Pero, ewan ko ba. ‘Yong iyak niya, silent lang naman pero may hikbi. Kung nasa unahan ka nya, hindi mo sya mapapansin, pero kugn nasa likod, pansin yon kasi tumataas ang balikat nya habang naiyak. Actually, I really don’t know what to do. Ni hindi sya nagpupunas ng luha nya nor tumutungo. May pagtingin pa sya sa aking nalalaman. Hindi ko naman maiwasang hindi siya tingnan kasi baka mamaya he’s feeling soooo blue na pala eh di kargo de konsensiya ko pa. Pero, natatakot ako, seriously. But, there’s, of course, a part of me na I wanted to comfort him but I don’t know how (pagkamalan pa kong stalker. Tss) I check my bag to grab for my tissues (kaso, wet wipes pala dala ko) so I opted not to offer it to him. Thank God, naglabas na rin sya ng panyo ba yon or face towel para punasan naman ‘yong mga luha n’ya.

Noong akala ko, okay na, biglang pinaulit sa amin ni father yong third point na ishe-share nya, “There are things in life that we do not and can not understand because it is not meant to be understood but only accepted.” ‘Yong akala ko okay na, aba eh humagulhol na talaga ‘yong katabi ‘ko to the point na pati yong nasa unahan namin, nakatingin na sa kaniya. At dahil ako lang naman ang malapit sa kaniya, parang ‘yong mga taong napapatingin sa akin eh tila nagsasabi na, “Hoy ikaw, what did you do to make him cry that loud?!”

Maya-maya, nag-ring ang phone nya, lumabas sya. Sa isip isip ko, ‘buti naman’ kasi hindi ko na alam gagawin ko….kung lalapitan ko ba, tapikin man lang ang shoulder, ipahiram yong panyo ko kasi basa na masyado yong kaniya, etc. It was a relief for me. Ang hirap kasi talaga na gusto mo syang tulungan but you don’t know how.

So the mass go on…

After receiving the body of Christ, I kneel and when I was about to stand up, I felt someone passes by on me … and yes, he’s the red guy. But he’s now, calm. To whoever called him, I thank him/her. It helped him to be calm. Final blessing na noong sabi ng pari na batiin daw namin ng happy new year yong mga katabi namin. Urgh. Awkward. But I caught him smiling at me so I said, ‘happy new year to you’ tapos nagulat ako kasi sumagot sya ng, ‘No. it should be a HAPPIER new year for me, for you and for everyone of us. Time to bounce back higher!’ And i just smiled back.

He’s a blessing in disguise. Kanina, halos naiinis na ko kasi nasisira new year ko dahil hindi lang ako masamahan tapos sya, may mas malaking pinagdadaanan pero nakakangiti pa sya sa akin at parang kayang kaya niya lahat. Yong tipong kahit anong dumating pa, bounce back lang lagi peg nya. Nakakainspire na tao. Ewan ko ha. Pero ramdam ko yong sinabi nyang, time to bounce back higher. Parang ang daming lamang bagahe.

Kung sino ka man, promise, the next time I saw you crying, I’ll hug you para makabawi naman ako sa inspiring words at lakas ng loob na binigay mo sa akin today.

Ciao! Makapag-jogging na. Thank you, January 1. ❤

What 2013 taught me

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2013. Parang ang tagal at ang haba haba na nang taong ito. Ang dami na kasing nagbago sa akin . Bukod sa namayat daw ako (DAW ha), may mga taong nawala, may mga taong dumating sa buhay ko…may nanggugulo, may umaayos…may mga pagsubok na nalampasan na at nilalampasan pa hanggang ngayon…may mga bumabalik pero hindi mo alam kung tama bang pabalikin sila…may bigla na lang sumulpot at naging ka-close mo at mayroon rin namang kaclose mo nga pero parang anglayo niyo na sa isa’t isa bigla. Maraming nagbago. Magulo. Nakakahinayang. Nakakasakit.

Well, halos lahat naman nakakaranas ng ganoon eh…’yong iniiwan.hihi. Kasi lahat ng tao sa buhay natin, temporary lang talaga. Masakit mang isipin pero inanganak tayong mag-isa at ililibing din mag-isa. Siguro nga, mahahanap mo si ‘the one’ at mamahalin ka ng buo at tatanda kayo magkasama. Pero, the time would come na may isa sa inyong mauuna—- maaring ikaw…maaring siya. Who knows? Only God can. At kapag dumating yong time na yon, mag-isa ka na ulit.

Kaya bago dumating yong time na ‘yon, napaka-importante na matuto ka sa bawat experiences na nangyari sa’yo. Para makapag-seize the day ka kasama ang mga taong mahalaga sa’yo.

This year, sa 525, 600 minutes na mayroon ako, I tried to live everyday as if it would be my last day…I live my life to the fullest. Ngunit, kahit ganoon ka pala na puro optimism ang laman ng utak mo, susubukin ka pa rin ng mundo…..na hindi porket mabait ka at nagpapapakabuti, makaliligtas ka na sa lahat ng sakit. And worst, magkakamali ka pa rin sacrificing things and people that matters to you.

Sa pagikot ng gulong ng buhay ko ngayong taon (wether nasa itaas man ako or hindi), marami akong natutunan.


14. Life begins outside your comfort zone.
  • There’s more to life than the usual things I do. I played basketball when I was in college. But due to some injuries that limit me from playing, I expanded my horizon and venture into the new sport I know nothing about — badminton. Oo, natatalo ako kahit ng mga bata, at oo, nakakahiya. Pero alam ko kapag pinagbutihan ko, isang araw, mananalo rin ako sa kanila. Matutunan ko rin ang smash na ‘yan at tamang techniques.  Hindi ko comfort zone ang individual sport kasi hindi ko ganoon ka-trust ang skills ko pag walang tulong ng iba sa paglalaro. But badminton gives me some fulfillment na hindi ko alam kung ano. And I’m trying to be good at it. Tara, sama ka! 🙂
13. Maturity comes with experience, not age.
  • Every person you meet is experiencing a struggle you know nothing about. Don’t judge them on how young they are. Malay mo, mas may matutunan ka pa sa kanila kaysa sa natutunan mo sa taong 20 years older than you.
12. Feelings don’t fade overnight…not over months too.
  • Self explanatory, di ba? Haha! Basta natutunan ko to base sa mga taong nakita kong nasaktan at hanggang ngayon in denial na wala nang nararamdaman pero may mag-flaschback lang na kaunting kaunting memories, hagulhol na.LOL
Boo and Me11. Love is the best medicine. But overdose it, and it would kill you.
  • Magmahal ka. Okay ‘yon…yong may mag-aalaga sa’yo, ipaglalaban ka kahit ano mangyari, ‘yong kahit galit ka eh mapipilitan kang ngumiti kasi pinipilit ka, at ‘yong kahit naiinis ka ikaw rin yong unang magsosorry kasi hindi mo matiis. Pero, magtira ng love para sa sarili. Kasi pag napa-over yang pagmamahal na yan at ibinuhos mo na lahat sa taong mahal mo, lagot ka. Iiyak ka na lang sa sakit. Magmahal ka pero mahalin mo rin sarili mo. Yong sakto lang, ika-nga. Kasi baka masakal pa sya. Lagot.
10. Don’t (as in never) sacrifice who you are for someone.
  • Let the person love you for you. Pinakamahirap mag-pretend na ‘ito’ ka pero hindi ka naman ganoon. Wag mag-dress kung hindi ka talaga nagsusuot noon. Magugustuhan ka ng isang tao and lahat sa’yo, kahit nakpanagbahay ka pa, he/she would find you amazing no matter what. 😉 #ThanksBooForLovingMe (cheesy, sorry)
9. We wake up each day facing each brand new day with or without the smile on our faces.
  • Lagi namang ganito. Kahit may problema ako, ngiti pa rin. Lalo na kung papasok sa office at may presentation ka. Separate professional life from personal life…saka hindi ba, hindi nama tayo hihintayin ng mundo. Malungkot ka man or hindi, iikot ang mundo at mauubos ang oras.

8. It’s not my job to solve the problem of anyone. But it’s my job to be there for them if they needed a friend.

  • Kapag kailangan ako ng isang kaibigan, I make sure na I’ll be just behind him or her. Wala man ako maitulong para mapagbati ang nanay at tatay niya slash mabayaran yong lupang isinangla ng sutil niyang kapatid slash ibalik ang kasintahan niya sa kaniya slash palitan ang prof niya para bigyan siya ng mataas na grade, at least, andoon ako para makinig. Minsan naman kasi, yong problema ng kahit sino, siya lang din makaka-lutas. Basta ang importante, maramdaman niya na nandito ako come what may…na kahit ano pang pinagdadaanan niya, I got his/her back. Malaking bagay na yon for him/her.

7. If he’s not doing anything to keep you, then why are you fighting to stay?

  • Self explanatory.LOL. Sorry. Skipping this bullet. \/ ^___^
6. A simple “I miss you” can change everything.
  • Totoo ‘to. May mga lumang tao sa luma kong buhay ang nagbalik dahil dito. These words are too powerful that It can really affect your mind and heart as well.
5.  Sometimes you never realize how much someone means to you, until they’re gone.
  • Everyday seems to be a night mare especially noong nawala yong taong halos pinagkakamalan na kayong magkapatid………………………..<explained via heart and I invoke my right.LOL> *deep breath* Mahirap. Kaya kayo, treasure those persons hanggat never pa nila kayong giniveup. Because you’ll gonna miss them soooooooooooooo much when they are gone. Believe me. I’d been there…
4. Nobody exactly knows what you feel inside.Selfie
  • You are responsible for your own happiness…no one else does. So don’t expect that someone will read what’s on your mind and applied it so that you’ll be happy.
3. Its painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
  • Let go, if you need to. But just don’t let go without even trying to win that person back….lalo na’t alam mong guilty ka at kasalanan mo bakit gusto na niya umalis sa buhay mo. Okay?
2. To truly love someone, is to always put their feelings before your own…no matter what.
  • Isang malaking check ng red ballpen. High five sa lahat ng mag-agree! haha!
1. One of the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can’t do.
  • When the world is doubting on you, stand up, flip your hair and shout, ‘watch me!’ 😀


Thank you, 2013 for teaching me these big things. Marami pa ito. Part I muna ito.hihi.


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