About the Blogger: Chef Anapot

Literally, I am not a Chef.

Of course, I don’t cook. I do not even know how. Urgh. But I do frying (laging failure nga lang). But not that much din since I hate the cooking oil that, as if, tries to jump-out from the frying pan.

Before, I actually tried cooking this one recipe but instead of achieving a mouth-watering Sinigang (a simple Filipino Cuisine), it turned out to be a Pork sparkled with plain water. Then, viola, I never tried cooking again.

And that’s the reason why I decided to be ‘Chef Anapot‘……..virtually. The recipes that I would cook would feed not the sounding stomach but rather the hungry minds, not for the physical thirst but more so for the emotional thirst.

Me, myself, and I.

Ana, Anapot, Bananapot, Ana Banana, Aney, Petix, Camille, Mea, Mel, Karmela, Karmz, Makz, Pot, Bangag — yan mga nicknames ko. Pero, kahit marami yan, may mga taong tumatawag sa akin ng mga yan. Halimbawa, syempre Ana kapag sa school / office. Pormal eh. Kapag medyo ka-close na, Anapot, Aney, Ans, hanggang sa humantong na sa Bangag, Baliw, Panget, etc. Mga kaibigan nga naman, sari-sari eh. Pero kung ano pinakaayaw kong tawag sa ‘kin — Ana Karmela (my first name). Kasi, ibig sabihin niyan, galit na ang nanay ko. Haha!

No matter what they call me, I am still Ana, an ordinary girl who continuously see the beauty of life, seek for the meaning of my existence, and serve the Lord our God 24/7.

Graduated from one of the prestigious school in the country, De La Salle University-Lipa with the degree of BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management, I am now currently employed in a credible bank in the province of Batangas as an Eligible Marketer. Eligible because I had passed already the Professional Certification of Eligibility — the Civil Service Examination. (and I’m hoping to be one of the prestigious lawyer soon *super fingers crossed*). 🙂

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